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About Us

General Overview

SREIF's purpose is to provide distinguished students at the University of Alabama with the necessary preparation & education to break into competitive internships and full-time positions within the real estate industry. 

The organization exists primarily for the educational benefit it provides students. It is classified as a tax-exempt non-profit that reinvests all profits back into the fund for continued education.


SREIF members are selected through an application process by the leadership committee.  Ideal applicants have demonstrated strong academic performance throughout their time at UA and have a significant interest in pursuing a career in real estate.  Members will learn the fundamentals behind real estate private equity partnership structures, practice underwriting potential deals, make investment pitches within their sector team, and gain a deeper understanding of the RE industry.


SREIF seeks to allocate its portfolio across the following investment strategies to maximize education for its members:

  • Private Deals as a Limited Partner

  • Private Equity Fund Contributions​​

  • Public REITs

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